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About WAYD

WAYD is a highly acclaimed death metal band hailing from Prešov, Slovakia. The band was formed in 1994, and over the years, they have established themselves as a prominent figure in the Slovak metal scene.

WAYD’s music is characterized by its intense and aggressive sound, combining the ferocity of death metal with melodic and progressive elements. They are known for their powerful riffs, intricate guitar solos, pounding drumming, and guttural vocals, creating a captivating blend of heaviness and melody.

Throughout their career, WAYD has performed numerous live shows, captivating audiences with their high-energy performances and tight musicianship. They have shared the stage with renowned metal acts and have gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their unique approach to melodic death metal.


  • Milan Savko (vocals and guitars)
  • Peter Jakubík (drums)
  • Richard Mayer (guitars)
  • Drahoš Juřík (bass guitar and vocals)


  • Ultimate Passion (1997)
  • Barriers (2001)
  • Decadance (2003)
  • Ghostwalk (2007)
Unofficial demo release
  • Shape of Your Mind (1995)

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